The rules and regulations that the Government have established have been devised to protect both the employer and the employee.

Companies that ignore their legal obligations do so at the ultimate risk of the directors of the company and eventually the Chairperson of the Board as that is where the responsibility finally ends with personal liability. Serious breaches end in the Crown Court with criminal prosecutions. Medical & Occupational Health Services strongly believe that helping a company to achieve 100% compliance benefits every employee in the company.


There can be no integrity without transparency. When MOHS acts for your company when dealing with your employees, we will ensure that they know why and that there is no 'hidden agenda'.

In any subsequent enquiry your company's good faith will be seen and eventually your employees will not view occupational health as a 'tool of management' but as a tool to help them lead healthier and fitter lives whilst still working in what can sometimes be a difficult working environment.

Our transparency will extend to all parts of the practice where the rules of confidentiality allow, equally to our scale of fees which are devised at a standardised hourly rate that all companies pay. There are no hidden fees.

Main Aims

The main aim of Medical and Occupational Health Services is to work with you to determine the health issues that affect your business.

We aim to:
Provide you with a beneficial, easy to understand and a friendly service
Reduce the cost to your business from sickness absence
Protect you from litigation claims
Give you sound advice that gives you the confidence to take relevant action
Provide you with a value for money professional service

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