Absence Management

Workplace sickness absence, costs Britain's businesses in excess of £13 billion per annum.

All organisations can expect some level of absence, however persistently high levels of sickness absence can be costly to any business and adversely affect efficiency, productivity, profitability and morale.

In principle, employers need to develop approaches to prevent, monitor and ultimately manage sickness absence, whilst ensuring that employees with protected characteristics are fully supported in the workplace.

MOHS will endeavour to help your business reduce absenteeism rates by providing you with a Company Medical Officer who will be responsible for providing independent ethical advise on all medical issues in the workplace.

We will manage all your medical enquiries quickly and efficiently and provide independent occupational health advice based on sound verifiable medical evidence primarily from the referred employee’s Medical Practitioners.

We call this the Customised Medical Assessment© or CMA, which can be carried out by one of our Independent Occupational Physicians, either face to face or by telephone, or by the employee’s own GP.

Employees can be referred to us for independent advice for any of the following reasons:

Medium and long term absence
Application of the equality act 2010
Repeated episodes of short term sickness absence
Rehabilitation post-accident or illness
Poor performance
Substance misuse

We will then provide the Human Resources Representative with a detailed confidential Occupational Health management report as soon as we obtain all of the necessary information about the referred individual and their informed consent.

The objective to the report is to be:




Independant and based on sound evidence.

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